3 Best Ways to Get Out of the Google Sandbox

In recent times, we've created many websites, so it is extremely important to quickly break out of the sandbox. However, as more and more people start blogging, Google has begun lowering its level of trust towards new sites in the evaluation (sandbox) phase, making it difficult for sites to achieve good rankings. Generally, those who only think about using SEO to gain traffic cannot survive this period.

How long does it take for a website to get out of Google Sandbox?

The sandbox period typically lasts around six months.

When we conducted research, we also discovered most people's websites don't begin to show real effectiveness until 6-12 months later.

Then what are the Best Ways to Get Out of the Google Sandbox?

Back in 2017, I proposed the concept of "Trust value," meaning Google's level of trust in a website. It judges whether this site is genuinely engaged in legitimate work.

So how can one increase Google's Trust value?

#1. Does the website have links from social media?

A normally operated site will have a presence on social media like Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest. Sites purely aimed at SEO will typically neglect this.

#2 Links from high authority NoFollow external links can help.

In the past, I would recommend clients get links from reputable sources like American Press Agency or Yahoo Finance. But for value, industry directory and citation links can work too, as can a few relevant forum posts.

#3 A light quantity of 5-10 Guest Posts on the homepage

It would suffice initially, to signal Google that the site has some high authority external links pointing inward, upping its weight.

Many assume spending money on precise anchored Guest Posts means not optimizing them fully, but this is incorrect thinking.

  • You may not see immediate ranking improvements even with precise anchors.
  • Too many precise anchors could backfire by lowering the link value.

This linking approach benefits both new and established websites, as my case study shows:

I recently took on a client whose site had been run by some agency doing Guest Posts alone without progress, even though the external links looked fine. Within less than a month of optimizing in August by adding Guest Posts links to the homepage, blogs, and category subpages as supporting pages, traffic reversed its downtrend:

The first month after optimizing:

The first month after optimizing:

One week after the first month:

One week after the first month:

By personally handling an experienced past client, I showcase how raising Social signals, citations, Forums, and strategic Guest Posts helps sites break the sandbox effectively within 0-1 months. Next, I'll discuss tactics for moving from 1-10.