Dolly vs GoShare: Which Moving Service is Right for You?

Dolly vs GoShare: Moving sucks. Let's just get that out of the way first. Between the packing, lugging heavy boxes, and dismantling that bookshelf you never should have bought from IKEA, it's enough to make anyone a bit grumpy. But you know what makes moving suck even worse? Hiring a sketchy, unreliable moving company that shows up late and breaks your stuff. Not ideal.

Dolly vs GoShare
Luckily, the friendly folks at Dolly and GoShare are here to help with your move while keeping those stress levels in check. These two hip, on-demand moving services connect you with local movers and vehicles to get you from point A to point B with minimal hassle. No more 3-hour phone calls with operator Mandy just to book a truck. But with two solid options, how do choose between Dolly vs GoShare?

To help you make the best decision for YOU, we're putting Dolly and GoShare head to head in an all-out moving match-up. We'll compare these two heavy hitters across a bunch of categories from cost to customer service to sustainability (yep, even movers care about the environment these days). By the end, you'll have all the info you need to pick a moving service that jives with your specific needs and personality. Hey, just because moving sucks doesn't mean selecting a moving company has to. Let's do this!

Dolly vs GoShare: Brand Recognition and Availability


Dolly is the older, more established brand in the on-demand moving space. Originally launched in 2014 as a peer-to-peer moving service, Dolly has expanded into a full-service moving marketplace available across most major U.S. cities. According to Dolly's website, their services are currently available in over 50 metros.


GoShare, founded in 2015, has more limited availability and focused mainly on the West Coast. They currently operate in the California metro areas of Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, and Sacramento. GoShare also serves Seattle, Washington.

As the larger brand, Dolly enjoys greater consumer awareness and merchant acceptance. While GoShare also has good recognition on the West Coast, Dolly is more widely known nationwide.

Winner: Dolly

Payment Options

GoShare accepts debit/prepaid card payments but does not take PayPal. Dolly takes PayPal but does not accept debit cards.

Both services accept major credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. Dolly also integrates with Apple Pay.

For customers without credit cards, GoShare provides flexibility to pay directly from your checking account using a debit card. PayPal users may prefer Dolly for the convenience of paying from their PayPal balance. It's a split difference that favors different payment preferences.

Winner: Tie

Discounts and Promotions


Dolly offers customers more frequent discounts and promotions than GoShare. Dolly has an active summer coupon code providing $10 off for new users. They also run periodic promos like 50% off labor costs for college students during student moving season.


GoShare does not currently have any active coupon codes or promotions. This gives Dolly an edge for bargain seekers looking to save money. Make sure to search for Dolly promo codes before booking a move.

Winner: Dolly

Customer Service


Reviews indicate Dolly provides superior customer service and support compared to GoShare. Dolly has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau with mostly positive customer feedback. Complaints are promptly addressed by customer service.


GoShare appears to have below average customer service, based on recent reviews mentioning issues with movers arriving very late or sometimes not at all. Response from GoShare support is slow in addressing problems.

You'll likely have a smoother experience booking with Dolly's more responsive and helpful customer service team. Reliable customer support is crucial when problems arise during a stressful move.

Winner: Dolly

Brand Values and Sustainability


Dolly prides itself on positive brand values like diversity, inclusion, and giving back to the community. The company partners with charitable organizations that help women, children, and minorities.

Dolly also has sustainability initiatives aimed at reducing carbon emissions from moves. Their carbon-neutral programs plant trees to offset atmospheric carbon released during moves.


GoShare does not promote any specific social values, diversity policies, or sustainability programs on its website or materials.

For environmentally-conscious consumers and those passionate about social impact, Dolly aligns better with their values.

Winner: Dolly

Data Privacy and Security

Both Dolly and GoShare implement security features to protect user data and provide a safe booking experience.


Dolly requires movers to pass background checks before joining their platform. Movers are monitored and rated after each job.


GoShare states movers undergo screening and training processes before being onboarded. User profiles contain photo verifications.

For privacy, Dolly and GoShare have policies restricting the use of your personal data. You remain anonymous to movers until booking confirmation to prevent unsolicited contact.

Overall, Dolly edges out GoShare when it comes to privacy protections and secure data policies. User data is protected across Dolly's larger suite of apps and services.

Winner: Dolly

Pricing and Cost Comparison

Pricing is usually the biggest factor when choosing a moving service. Both Dolly and GoShare base rates on similar factors:

  • Size of your moving vehicle - cargo van, pickup, box truck
  • Distance and time required for the move
  • Number of movers needed for loading/unloading


GoShare prices start at around $25 per hour for one helper using your own pickup truck. Their cargo vans rent for approximately $35-$50 per hour depending on location. Minimum 2 hours required.


With Dolly, hourly rates range from $30-$50 per mover if you supply the vehicle. Cargo van rentals are $60-$80 per hour on average. 2 hour minimum rental.

For a basic 1-2 bedroom move within 15 miles using a standard cargo van, estimated costs are pretty comparable at around $150-$250. GoShare is slightly more affordable for shorter moves under 2 hours.

Outside of GoShare's operating regions, Dolly will be your only option. Within the cities served by both, GoShare offers lower hourly pricing in most cases.

Winner: GoShare

The Verdict

When choosing between Dolly and GoShare, consider which factors are most important for your particular moving situation.

Based on brand recognition, discounts, values, and customer service - Dolly is the superior choice in most categories. Dolly moves win for overall quality and reliability.

But for shorter, small-scale moves in GoShare's service regions - their lower hourly rates provide the best value. GoShare is a good budget choice on the West Coast.

At the end of the day, you can't go wrong using either service. Dolly and GoShare both get the job done with minimal stress. Pick the option that best matches your location, priorities, and budget.