2 Points Between Duda Vs WordPress That Are, Honestly, So Annoying And Tricky

Readers of my blog must be familiar with WordPress. however, some people might be confused by numerous CMSes on the market. One example is Duda.

I've listed some drawbacks of Duda after using it for two months(Now is 3, 2024). Here we go.

Duda Drawbacks (To be continued)

👎Hard to "Select All"

Since I'm writing for one of my clients, I sometimes have to copy the whole article but to my surprise. I am not able to do that when I'm on the preview page. Feels like the "Ctrl+C" and "right click" have been banned by duda.

Back to the editor mode, it would be a disaster to copy the text in multiple text blocks.

You can neither use Ctrl+A or right click in it unless you copy the text from one block to another.

duda- impossible to copy all

👍But in WordPress, all you have to do is "Ctrl+A"

👎Hard to "Add Images"

Each time I need to add an image right after some content, I have to go through such a process:

Click on the widget --> Look for the "Image" block --> Drag it to the right position --> Search for or Upload an image

add an image in Duda

👍But in WordPress, you only need to drag it into the editor.


While Duda has its merits, it falls short in certain aspects when compared to WordPress, a robust open-source CMS. One of WordPress's greatest strengths lies in its extensive community of plugin and theme developers who continuously contribute to its functionality.

This is an area where Duda currently lacks in comparison. For users who value simplicity and efficiency in their content management process, WordPress emerges as the preferred choice.