Google SEO E-E-A-T Guide: Rank Better with This EEAT Skill!

In the age of AI-generated content flooding the web, Google is placing increased emphasis on E-E-A-T. (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) - to determine which sites should rank higher in search results. But what exactly does this mean for your content strategy?

How to increase EEAT score

How to Improve E-E-A-T Score?

First, focus on establishing subject matter expertise. Add detailed author bios on your About page highlighting relevant credentials, education levels, years of industry experience, publications, speaking engagements, awards, and other qualifications that position your writers as experts. Include headshots to put a face to each bio.

Second, demonstrate authoritativeness within your niche by building high-quality backlinks from reputable sites. Reach out to industry publications, educational hubs, well-known blogs, and other trusted sources to earn backlinks. The more sites linking back to you, the more authority Google perceives. Focus on depth, not breadth - a few strong links from authoritative sites are more valuable than lots of weak links.

Next, publish comprehensive, well-researched content that actually helps readers. Shoot for long-form, 3,000+ word articles that provide actionable advice, address reader pain points, and stand out as the definitive guide on a topic. Include case studies, expert interviews, research citations, step-by-step instructions, and other value-adding content.

Additionally, establish trust by being transparent. Provide a physical business address, phone number, and names of key personnel. Make it easy for readers to contact you and verify legitimacy. A sense of real people and accountability behind the site goes a long way.

Finally, add reviewer credentials on articles to indicate oversight. For example, include a "Reviewed by Jane Smith, 10-year industry veteran" under the byline. This shows Google you have high editorial standards and doesn't just publish anything.

Optimizing for E-A-T takes effort, but pays dividends in higher Google rankings and traffic. By focusing on expertise, authoritativeness, and trust, you can avoid getting buried by AI content and gain visibility through quality. Don't leave E-A-T factors to chance - build them into your strategy.


In Summary, check your site for this info:

- πŸ“ˆ Add author bios on the site's About page.

- πŸ‘¦Include pics and credentials.

- πŸ” Include a physical address and phone number.

- πŸ“₯ Build high authority backlinks.

- πŸ” Create high-quality content that helps users.

- πŸ“–Add a "Reviewed by" section for articles.