How to Find High Volume But Easy Keywords To Write Unique Content

One of the easiest ways to boost your search traffic is by identifying keywords your site already ranks for but lacks content. By writing new pages or blog posts targeting these terms, you can quickly improve rankings and visibility.

The key steps are:

1st Step: Go to the Ahrefs Webmaster Tools and Import From GSC or add Manually.

2nd Step: Once add your website here, go to the Organic Keywords.


3rd Step: From the Position, select 20-99, and from the Volume, select 1000, and from the KD, select 0-15, and Apply so that you will find many low competition keywords that are ranked for your website.

find many low competition keywords

The benefits of optimizing for existing keywords are:

  • Quick wins by improving rankings for terms you already rank for.
  • Low-hanging fruit - easy to outrank lower competition keywords you are already somewhat visible for.
  • Build content and authority around subjects you know your audience is already searching for.
  • Drive more organic traffic and revenue from searchers already finding your website.
  • Improve overall authority and rankings by better optimizing for search terms you should be ranking higher for.

One client improved their organic traffic by 15% in 3 months just by optimizing for "Tier 2" keywords ranking between positions 30 to 70 that they were previously underserving. By analyzing search demand and competition, we determined a content strategy to target the most attractive keywords with the biggest opportunities to move up.

The lesson is that you may already be ranking for easy-win keywords that could quickly become top traffic and revenue drivers with some optimization. Don't overlook the keywords you're already almost ranking for - identify and serve them well, and they'll serve you back with more visibility, traffic, and business.

Does this help summarize how to find and optimize for existing keywords? Let me know if you have any questions on strategies and tools for boosting your search rankings and traffic. I'm happy to provide more tips and advice based on my experience working with clients.