How Do I Change the Text Color and Font in the Blogus Theme?

How Do I Change the Text Color and Font in the Blogus Theme? It is a question raised by a user of the WordPress Blogus Theme and here it is.

As much as I love the Blogus theme, I'm finding some editing features to be difficult to navigate. Can you help me know how I can change the text color and font of my blog posts? Also, how can I edit the tag buttons and text colors. Blue is not a color I would like for my blog but rather black, yellow and white. Thank you for your help and support.

The page I need help with:


How to Change Text Color In WordPress

How Do I Change the Text Color and Font in the Blogus Theme

As he said in the question, he wants to know how to change the text color. And here is how:

First, go to click on the "Customize" button in WordPress.

go to customize

Then click on "add additional CSS"

Add additional css

There you can add the colors you like for different buttons, tags, .etc. I'll offer the code as required in his question.

How to Change Widget Text Color in WordPress

Since I don't know what color he wants for the font color of his post. I'm going to change the tag button in the widget.

The following code will change the tag button's background to yellow (#E9A229) and the text to white (#FFF). When the mouse is hovering on top, the background will become transparent and the text becomes black (#000).

.wp-block-tag-cloud a{background:#E9A229;color:#fff;}
.wp-block-tag-cloud a:hover, .wp-block-tag-cloud a:focus{
color: #fff;
background: transparent;
border-color: #0025ff;}

Copy the above code and paste it into the "Additional CSS" field and Don't forget to Publish!

publish new css

The tag button will look like this:

final look of the tag button

Feel free to leave me a comment. I'd be happy to provide some CSS code and show you where to add it. Please give me a link to your site so I can take a look directly, and point me to exactly where on your site you're looking to make the changes, as there are multiple places where blog posts and widgets might be displayed, and it'll be much better if we can look at it directly.