How to Buy an Old Expired Domain for SEO

How to Buy an Old Expired Domain for SEO? In this tutorial, we'll dive deep into the expired domains for backlinks and new niche opportunities.

How to Get an Expired Domain for SEO

How Can Expired Domains Give Your Website a Boost?

When it comes to ranking your website, backlinks are essential. However, building high-quality backlinks takes a ton of time and effort. Well, what if I told you there was an easier way to give your website a backlink boost overnight?

By utilizing expired domains, you can take advantage of backlinks that have already been built up by the previous owner. Heck, it's like inheriting an SEO goldmine!

But why are expired domains so powerful?

Let me explain further:

For starters, I consistently stumble upon expired domains that have stellar backlink profiles. We're talking links from authority sites like Forbes, Wired, HuffPost - you name it.

Rather than trying to land these backlinks on your own, you can just scoop up an expired domain that already has them. It's so much easier to work with what's already been built versus starting from scratch.

On top of that, some expired domains have excellent brandable or flippable names. I've been able to sell premium domains for hundreds or even thousands of dollars with minimal effort. Cha-ching!

And if you don't want to sell, expired domains present the perfect opportunity to launch niche sites. The existing backlink juice gives your new site a running start in search rankings. Plus, you can save tons of time and costs associated with building links. Amazing!

The opportunities with expired domains are truly endless. Whether you want to boost your current site's performance, earn money from domain sales, or launch new projects, expired domains deliver.

How Can You Evaluate the Quality of an Expired Domain's Backlinks?

Okay, so you've found an expired domain with existing backlinks. But how do you know if those backlinks are actually worth inheriting?

Well, there's a bit of an art to assessing the value of an expired domain's backlink profile. Let me share some tips on separating the gems from the junk:

To start, I always run the domain through SEMrush to get a high-level view of its backlink quantity and referring domains. However, I dig deeper than just domain authority.

I check to see if the links come from relevant, authoritative sites in my niche. Guest posts, press releases, forums, and mentions on popular social media channels are all good signs.

But relevance is key - a link from Forbes sounds awesome but not if it's totally unrelated to your industry. I'd rather have a contextual backlink from a small blog than an irrelevant one from a big site.

I also scrutinize the anchor text of backlinks to watch for sketchy patterns. Natural links should have varying anchors, not identical over-optimized ones.

Beyond backlinks, I look for hidden opportunities like existing social media accounts with large, active followings. These can give your site a huge traffic boost right away.

It takes some sleuthing to identify high-quality backlinks versus manipulative ones. But with the right expired domain, you can take your website's SEO to the next level nearly overnight!

Finding Expired Domain Treasures

Where do the juiciest expired domains hide? The first and most fruitful hunting ground is GoDaddy Auctions.

Thousands of domain names expire each day as owners forget to renew or simply abandon them. Most people dismiss these so-called "expired domains" as useless. But for those who understand SEO, they can be golden opportunities. The trick is separating the gems from the junk.

This is where GoDaddy Auctions comes in. Every morning, a new batch of expired domains goes up for auction. Savvy searching can uncover hidden jackpots.

For example, you might find an old domain with:

  • High-quality backlinks from reputable websites
  • Strong search engine rankings
  • An existing audience and social media followers

Snap up one of these expired jewels, develop some great content, and watch the search engine traffic and profits roll in!

Of course, sifting through auctions takes time and skill. Fortunately, sites like do the heavy lifting for you. They gather up the day's newly-expired domains and analyze metrics like backlinks, search volume, and more.

How to Buy an Old Expired Domain for SEO

So before the rest of the internet wakes up, brew some coffee and start prospecting for the next motherlode domain. Who knows what forgotten gems you might uncover in today's GoDaddy Auctions? A bit of early morning work could earn you a domain empire.

Snagging Coveted Expired Domains on a Budget

I've been having great success finding high-authority expired domains on GoDaddy Auctions. These forgotten gems can have domains with tons of valuable backlinks from authoritative sites.

The catch? Bidding wars can drive prices into the hundreds of dollars.

As a bootstrapping entrepreneur, I've discovered some budget-friendly workarounds:

  • Focus on niches where you can outbid competitors. Avoid ultra-hot markets.
  • Bid on newly-expired domains before the competition gets fierce.
  • Try for domains where the auction ends at an odd hour. Fewer bidders around.
  • Search for expired domains with typos or other issues that turn off bidders.

Even when I get outbid, I've found a way to benefit. I'll 301 redirect the domain's backlinks to my site or client sites. The domain authority "link juice" flows to us instead of the winner.

It takes persistence and creativity, but with the right strategy, small businesses can benefit from coveted expired domains without breaking the bank!

Scoring Budget Domain Deals in the Daily ".com" Drop

GoDaddy Auctions offer amazing expired domains, but the bidding can hit wallet-busting levels. When I'm looking for quality domains on a ramen noodle budget, I turn to's Daily ".com" Drop.

This list contains .com domains that recently expired and are now available for anyone to register. The domains tend to be more affordable, often in the $10-$20 range.

The catch? You have to act fast when you see a promising domain. The best-expired gems get snatched up quickly during the daily drop.

Here are some tips for scoring great domains on a budget:

  • Check the drop list early each morning before others comb through it.
  • Sort by metrics like backlinks, search volume, and social shares to surface hidden gems.
  • Look for typos of valuable domains that may have slipped through the cracks.
  • Try keywords just outside the top most competitive terms.

While these dropped domains lack some of the power of an auctioned site, a little work can transform them into thriving properties.

Refreshing the Daily ".com Drop each morning has helped me build a starter portfolio of quality sites on a lean budget. With the right strategy, you can claim mini-empires from these discarded domains!

Pouncing on GoDaddy Closeout Deals for Mid-Range Domains

If GoDaddy Auctions are too pricey but the Daily .com Drop is too picked over, check out GoDaddy Closeouts on

These are expired domains that GoDaddy itself is closing out. The domains tend to go for a middle-ground price of $40-$60.

The inventory changes rapidly, so persistence and speed are key. But patient deal hunting can uncover:

  • Strong brandable domains GoDaddy couldn't auction at a premium.
  • Valuable backlinks from domains someone let lapse.
  • Gems like typos of major brands.

Tips for scoring a Closeout treasure:

  • Sort by metrics like backlinks and search volume to surface diamonds in the rough.
  • Check frequently as new Closeout deals are added throughout the day.
  • Be ready to pounce on promising finds before another buyer seizes them.

While more competitive than the .com Drop, Closeouts offer better quality at lower prices than Auctions. They're the sweet spot for select deal hunting.

With the right strategy, you can claim solid domains from GoDaddy Closeouts and build their value over time. Keep hunting and your portfolio will steadily expand!

Strategies for Profiting from Premium Domain Finds

When I uncover a promising expired domain, what next? Here are my go-to monetization strategies:

  • Redirect backlinks to benefit my core projects. Capture that hard-won domain authority!
  • Develop niche mini-sites targeting specific keywords. Expired domains can kickstart new properties.
  • List the domain for sale on exchanges like Premium names can fetch top dollar. is my marketplace of choice when selling prime domains. With over 2 million members, it's very active:

  • The domain value estimator helps price names competitively.
  • Promote names to investors with Dan's domain name search alerts and newsletter sponsorships.
  • List domains under flexible terms - auction, buy now, offers, lease, etc.
  • With bulk uploading and management, easily list your entire portfolio.

The expired domain treasure hunt never ends! With the right marketplaces and monetization strategies, those hidden gems can become liquid assets.