How to Create a Church Website for Free 🏛️ (Dummy Guide)

We'll learn how to create a church website for free in this post. Get ready to become a webmaster for the Lord!

We'll cover everything from choosing a free website builder tailored for churches to selecting visually-pleasing templates that say "welcome" instead of "our web developer was out sick." Get ready to spread the good Word from the comfort of your laptop. Just don't expect to rest on the seventh day—maintaining a lively church website takes work, but we'll have you doing it with a song in your heart.

How to Create a Church Website for Free?

How to Create a Church Website for Free

Bless this mess of web design jargon and lend a helping hand. Creating an engaging online home for your church may take a few miracles, but with this instruction, you can do it. Bring forth the sacrificial wine and wafers—it's time to build a church website on faith alone!

Total Time: 2 hours

Create an Account

weblium start for free

Click "Start for Free" to register an account. With an account, you can save your last edit, data, design, and content on your church site.

Choose a Church Template

choose a church template

It is no longer necessary to hire a web developer or make additional investments to build a church website if you use ready-made templates.

Start Editing Your Church Content

Adding text, buttons, logos, icons, countdowns, “before and after” galleries, contacts, and other elements is easy.

View the Site on Different Devices

view the site on different devices

Click these buttons to view your church site's performance on computers, laptops, or phones.

Publish Your Church Site

Click the "Publish" button on the right corner and you can visit your site now! Each time you make modifications to your site, don't forget to publish it so the updates take effect.

My Site Demonstration

church website demo

You are good to go.

Estimated Cost: 00 USD


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Instant Support From This Church Website Builder

contact with support team

I tried to contact the support team and they gave me an answer within 2 minutes! I'm sure it's not a robot reply.

- Hi there! just want to know if I didn't upgrade, would the site still be able to visit? thanks

- Hi, if you do not buy a paid subscription, the site will switch to a free plan, which has a number of restrictions

According to the official reply, I can always visit my church site without a paid version.

It is truly free!

How Is Weblium - From A Developer's View

The whole process of designing, editing, and publishing the church site is sleek.

Creating a church website used to require begging the head pastor to budget thousands of dollars, but not anymore. In this divine guide, I believe you've learned how to set up an online sanctuary for your flock without tithing a cent.

Besides, the free plan includes all the following necessary settings:

  • 300+ Ready To Use Templates
  • Al Design Supervisor
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Access to E-commerce
  • SSL Certificate Included
  • Multiple Contributors
  • Free Domain For 1 Year

Plus, there are thousands of templates for you to choose from, which is so friendly to people who want a no-code platform but are interested in content editing.

FAQ of Church Websites

Q: What are the main purposes of a church website?

A: The main purposes of a church website are:

  • Informing - The website explains the church's religious beliefs, location, faith tradition, hierarchy, and schedule. It keeps parishioners updated with news and information.
  • Communication - The website serves as a communication channel between parishioners and the pastor. It can have feedback forms for questions, prayer requests, and advice.
  • Selling products and collecting donations - The website can sell religiously-themed products and collect charitable donations to support the church and raise awareness.

Q: How does a church website help inform parishioners?

A: A church website informs parishioners about the church's beliefs, location, denomination, leadership, and schedule of services and events. This helps parishioners learn more about the church.

Q: What communication features can a church website have?

A: A church website can have forms for parishioner feedback, questions, prayer requests, and advice. This facilitates two-way communication between the church and its members.

Q: How can a church website help with fundraising?

A: A church website can sell religious products and collect charitable donations online. This raises funds for the church's mission and ministries. It also draws attention to issues the church aims to address.

Q: Is having a website necessary for a church in today's digital age?

A: The advent of information technology and the internet has transformed communication and outreach in the last few decades. A church website is now essential to inform and engage parishioners in the digital sphere. Modern organizations, including churches, need an online presence to share important information like service schedules, events, prayers, and more.

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