🎬How to Find Micro Influencers on Youtube

How to Find Micro Influencers on Youtube?

As the world's largest video-sharing platform, YouTube has surpassed 2 billion monthly active users. It is said that the total daily viewing time on YouTube is so vast that it would take at least 100,000 years of watching without eating or drinking for a single person to finish. Therefore, the platform generates enormous traffic. Currently, whether in terms of branding or cross-border marketing, it is recognized that collaborating with YouTube KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders)is essential. However, how can we find KOLs who are relevant to our products and invite them to conduct product reviews? Without further ado, here are some methods that can be used in combination to quickly find the contact information of YouTube KOLs:

How to Find Micro Influencers on Youtube

Method One: Search Youtube

The easiest way to find YouTube KOLs is by searching directly on the platform. For example, if you are selling smartphones, you can search for "smartphone review" in the search bar.

search smartphone review on youtube
After the search, many KOLs who conduct smartphone reviews will appear. Let's take Unbox Therapy as an example, which is well-known in the 3C industry. Click on the "About" button on his channel page to learn more about him.

The "About" section provides a better understanding of the range of products that the KOL reviews.

about page of unbox therapy

Here, you can find Unbox Therapy's email address, and contact him via email. If you cannot find the YouTuber's email address on this page, you can also check their other social media accounts, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google Plus, to see if they have left their contact information there. It is important to use a combination of methods to find the contact information of YouTube KOLs.

If you have searched through all of KOL's social media accounts and still cannot find any contact information, don't give up. You can try sending them a message on Facebook or Twitter, and you may be surprised by the response.

In addition to searching on YouTube directly, it is recommended to use the "filter" function, which includes five filtering options:

  • Upload date
  • Type
  • Duration
  • Features
  • Sorting criteria

The most commonly used sorting criteria is the one highlighted in the red box below, which is based on "relevance and view count." This can help you quickly find the KOLs you are looking for.

filter of Youtube search results

You can also click on your own YouTube account and select "Region and Language" to switch to the country where the KOL you are looking for is located, making it easier to find relevant KOLs.

After finding a KOL, it is important to check the recent reviews they have done and their viewership and engagement. You can also use third-party tools such as Socialblade and Noxinfluencer to learn more about KOL's online performance.

Method Two: Socialblade

Socialblade is a powerful tool that provides insights and analysis for influencers. You can access it at https://socialblade.com/.

Socialblade not only analyzes YouTube but also provides data for Twitch, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media influencers.

data for Twitch, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media influencers

When you click on the "Top Lists" button, you will find a list of top influencers from different countries. On the right sidebar, you will find corresponding categories. For example, if you want to find the top influencers from the United Kingdom, simply click on the "Top 250 from the United Kingdom" button, and it will display the top 250 YouTube influencers from the UK.

top 250 YouTube influencers from the UK

You can see the rankings, grades, channel names, subscriber counts, and video views. These data are valuable references for evaluating influencers.

valuable references for evaluating influencers

For instance, when you click on the top-ranked channel, you can access more detailed information such as rankings, video view rankings, estimated earnings, growth in the past 30 days, and the performance of previously published videos. These details are crucial in determining the credibility and success of an influencer. Once you find these influencer channels, you can proceed to find their contact information using the methods mentioned earlier.

contact information of Toys and Little baby

Another way is to directly search for the name of an influencer's YouTube channel in the Socialblade search box. This allows you to see their rank and recent trends, which can serve as valuable reference points to avoid being misled by influencers who manipulate their data. Nowadays, follower count, video views, and engagement metrics can be artificially inflated.

You can easily install the Socialblade extension from the Google Web Store at the following link: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/category/extensions. After installation, when you open a video from an influencer, you will find important data references and various essential tag buttons on the right sidebar.

important data references and various essential tag buttons on the right sidebar

Method three: Noxinfluencer

When you open the Noxinfluencer webpage, you will find important information that allows you to filter influencers based on country, category, top followers, fastest growth, and potential, among other options.

noxinfluencer finder

For example, let's click on the first influencer as an example. We can obtain valuable information such as audience demographics, age, and primary regions.

We can also directly enter keywords in the Noxinfluencer search bar to find relevant influencers. For instance, let's take "mobile phones" as an example. The following filters can be applied based on category, region, follower count, and more.

After applying the desired filters, you can click on the influencer you're interested in to view their specific analytics data. If you find them suitable, you can use the YouTube channel search bar to find their contact information. Similar to Socialblade, you can also download the Noxinfluencer extension from the Google Web Store for a more convenient way to access influencer data analysis and audience insights.

Method Four: ChannelCrawler

Using third-party influencer tools like ChannelCrawler can help find influencers by region, category, keywords, and more. For example, when selecting "Technology" as the category and "United States" as the country on ChannelCrawler.com, it surfaces over 1000 influencer channels that can be sorted by metrics like subscribers, views, etc.

youtube channel crawler

This makes it easy to quickly identify many potential influencer partners. Going forward, I'll introduce several other powerful influencer marketing tools to help find the right creators for your product based on geography, product category, target audience, and more.

find the right creators for your product based on geography, product category, target audience, and more

Influencers overseas differ quite a bit from domestic ones. International influencers tend to have authority in a particular niche, providing authentic and truthful reviews or promotions grounded in real experience. Also, don't just look for influencers with millions or hundreds of thousands of followers right away - high follower counts mean higher risk and cost.

A trend in influencer marketing now is quality micro-influencers. They may not have huge followings, but their fans are very engaged with high interaction rates. Compared to mega influencers, micro ones are easier to connect with and often less expensive. Some may even feature your product for free if they find it interesting or high-ticket.

Up next we'll look at some other fantastic plugin tools.

Method Five: Rocketreach Chrome Extension

Rocketreach is extremely powerful - beyond just finding influencer emails, it can also uncover media editor emails, e-commerce site editor emails, and more. Let me demonstrate how it works, using the example of finding YouTube influencer emails for a smartphone product:

Search for "Smartphone" on YouTube and identify an interesting influencer channel, like the one outlined in red - Marques Brownlee. Click through to the "About" section of their channel.

Even if there is no email listed in the About section, and you've checked all their linked social media accounts with no email or contact info, Rocketreach can still uncover their email address.

The tool integrates right into Chrome and lets you search for any name, company, or position. Once installed, simply highlight Marques Brownlee anywhere on the YouTube page, right-click, and select "Search RocketReach".

Within seconds, it brings up a profile card showing available contact info, including a verified email when available. The integration makes it easy to quickly find influencer contact details as you browse YouTube.

Rocketreach is great for uncovering both influencer and media contacts. Next, I'll show how it can identify editor emails for outreach.

From the YouTube About section, we can gather some key details - his channel name is MKBHD and he is located in NYC.

There are two ways to find his email on RocketReach (http://www.rocketreach.co):

Option 1: Type his channel name “MKBHD” directly into the RocketReach search bar. It brings up this profile:

We can confirm this is the right influencer based on 3 factors:

  • The job title lists "Video Producer" (indicates he is a creator)
  • Employer name is "Creator, producer at MKBHD" (matches his YouTube channel name)
  • The location shows New York, consistent with the YouTube About section

Having this contextual information helps verify we have identified the correct person.

Option 2: Type his full name “Marques Brownlee” into the RocketReach search bar. This brings up:

Again we can confirm it is the right influencer based on:

  • Video creator job title
  • Profile photo matches YouTube channel
  • Social media profiles were shown including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook

Clicking through to those can provide further validation that it is the same person.

With the contact info found, outreach can be attempted to the influencer.

Additionally, RocketReach allows filtering searches by criteria like company, location, job title, and more to narrow in on the right contacts. For example, searching by a media company name like "CNET" would surface editorial contacts to potentially pitch for reviews.

The principles are similar for finding any type of influencer contact - whether YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or others. The key is learning to apply the techniques across platforms and channels. It can be challenging starting out to build up a database of influencer contacts. But with the right tools and persistence, anyone can master influencer outreach.

Method Six: Search Google for Youtube Influencers

Google's search capabilities are extremely powerful if you know how to use advanced operators like site, inurl, intitle, filetype, allinurl, allintitle, etc. With practice, you can leverage these to find almost any resource or piece of information you need.

For example, using "site:" to search only within a specific website, or "inurl:" to find pages with a certain word in their URL. The "filetype:" operator lets you search for documents like PDFs. "allinurl:" and "allintitle:" allow matching multiple search terms in a URL or title.

“Site:” Operator

The "site:" operator allows searching within a specific website or domain.

For example, "site:http://youtube.com" restricts results to only pages on http://youtube.com.

This is useful for niche searches. Say we want to find influencers on YouTube who have created smartphone reviews. The query would be:

"smartphone review site:youtube.com"

The results surface only YouTube channels with smartphone review content. We can then click through to find contact info for relevant influencers.

Title search operators:

  • intitle: Returns pages with the keyword in the title tag. For example, "intitle:smartphone review" finds pages with "smartphone review" in the title.
  • allintitle: Returns pages where the title contains multiple keywords. For example, "allintitle:smartphone wireless charger" matches pages with both "smartphone" and "wireless charger" in the title.

URL search operators:

  • inurl: Similar to intitle but matches keywords in the page URL instead of title. For example, "inurl:smartphone review" finds pages with that phrase in the URL.
  • allinurl: Matches multiple keywords in the URL. For example, "allinurl:smartphone wireless charger" would match a page with both those terms in its URL.

These allow searching for very specific resources. Some examples:

  • intitle:"influencer interview" - Find interviews with influencers
  • inurl:"blog/reviews" - Match blog review category pages
  • allintitle:smartphone intitle:giveaway - Find smartphone giveaways

Title and URL search help uncover detailed, niche content. Avoid generic keyword searches that give broad results. Strategic use of these operators surfaces media articles, influencer content, forums, and other tailored resources.

These Google search operators are extremely useful for finding influencers and developing leads. Beyond making searches more precise, they greatly narrow the results to only the most relevant pages.

The operators can also be combined together for powerful queries like this:

intitle:"smartphone review" -samsung review site:youtube.com

This searches YouTube video titles for "smartphone review" while excluding "samsung review" results. As shown below:

Some key takeaways:

  • Learn these core search operators - site, inurl, intitle, allinurl, etc.
  • Practice combining multiple operators together for precise searches
  • Use negatives like "-" to filter out irrelevant results
  • Always pair operators with niche keywords relevant to your goals

Mastering advanced search techniques will benefit your influencer research and outreach efforts tremendously. Utilize these tools to uncover targeted results and hidden gems not surfaced through basic searches. With a bit of creativity and practice, you'll be able to find the perfect influencers and contacts for your campaigns.