WordPress: How to Hide Title on Page(Why I Hate Elementor)

Today, while creating a "Newsletter" page, I noticed that the word "Newsletter" displayed on the page was quite distracting and affected the overall aesthetic. My idea was to hide the page title directly and then import a suitable template for page customization.

However, after some research, I found that it's not possible to achieve this requirement using only the default block editor in WordPress. It would require a heavyweight page editor like Elementor. However, considering the need for speed optimization, I don't plan on installing such a heavy editor.

Therefore, I spent some time writing a few methods to achieve this requirement at the lowest cost. This article will briefly document the methods I used.

.page .entry-title { display: none;}

The first method is the simplest one. You can directly add a custom CSS code in the custom code area to hide the page title at the code display level. However, this approach has one drawback: it will hide the page titles for all pages.

Of course, if you only want to hide the title for a specific page, there are solutions available. However, it requires your website to have some advanced theme functionalities or plugins, such as the custom layout feature in the Astra theme or the Spectra Editor Enhancer plugin.

How to Hide Title on Page

Regarding the second method of hiding the page title, it's actually not difficult either. When importing a page template, you can simply delete the content of the title section within the editing page.

However, there is an important consideration here. It seems that your website cannot achieve this functionality without installing any relevant plugins. This leads us to the third method of hiding the title, which involves installing an enhanced plugin for the Gutenberg editor.

Spectra Theme

The Gutenberg editor-enhanced plugin I'm using on one of my sites is called Spectra, developed by the Astra theme team. The reason I'm using this plugin is that for my newly built website, I have opted to prioritize speed optimization and have mostly avoided using heavyweight editors like Elementor. Instead, I rely on the native Gutenberg editor provided by WordPress and enhance it with this plugin.

Combined with some premium themes, it fulfills most of the functionalities and requirements I typically need. So, if you have installed a similar enhanced editor plugin, hiding the page title becomes quite simple. During page creation, you can directly choose to hide the title, and it's really straightforward.

Apart from the three methods mentioned above for hiding page titles, there are several other approaches as well. However, there is no need to continue discussing them here, as the mentioned methods already solve my requirements quite well.

Of course, you can always implement similar requirements using your preferred method. After all, there are no fixed rules when it comes to website development, and the best approach is the one that suits your needs.