How to Install Surge on Apple TV

Once you know how to install Surge on Apple TV, it becomes a semi-mobile device, and there is no need to struggle with the network.

After changing to a Xiaomi router at home, I didn't want to crack the router for VPN access. Previously, I always used an Apple TV and software routing to watch Netflix.

Recently, @Blankwonder developed Surge tvOS, and many may not know how to install it. Here is a tutorial:

  • Go to and click on License Management in the upper right corner to log in.
    license management
  • Select iOS login, and enter your email and license key. If you can't find your key, you can click on "Forgot your key?" to retrieve it.
    IOS login
  • After logging in, find "Apply TestFlight" on the page and apply to join.
    Apply TestFlight
  • Then go back to your iPhone, download TestFlight, click on the link provided by Surge's official website, and install the Surge TestFlight version.
  • After installing Surge, open it and go to the "More" settings page to find Surge tvOS.
    look for Surge tvOS
  • After selecting the configuration, click on "Deploy" and wait for a moment.
    Deploy Surge TVos
  • You need to upgrade your Apple TV to the latest 17 beta version, and then download TestFlight. Find Surge in TestFlight and open it.

The experience is much better than using a software router, and the speed has also improved significantly. It's worth a try.