How to Make WordPress Ads Earnings [Ads Network Guide]

For websites and blogs looking to substantially increase their ad revenue and income, upgrading to a premium ad network is one of the most effective strategies. While options like Google AdSense are good for new sites, they typically offer lower payouts and more basic ad formats. High-tier networks provide higher RPMs (revenue per 1,000 impressions), higher-quality ads, more ad formats (like video and native), dedicated account managers, and better optimization technology.

I worked with a client publishing a blog in the home decor niche. Despite reaching over 100,000 pageviews/month, their AdSense revenue was only around $500 due to low CPMs and minimal optimization. By switching to an upper-tier network like AdThrive, we were able to improve their monthly revenue dramatically.

Some benefits of upgrading to a premium ad network:

  • RPMs 2-5x higher than AdSense, increasing revenue
  • Dedicated account managers help to maximize earnings through optimization
  • More diverse, impactful ad formats increase CTR and revenue per ad
  • Higher ad quality and relevancy which enhances user experience
  • Monthly payouts, tailored reporting dashboards, and member perks
  • To determine if a high-tier ad network is right and which to choose, look at:
  • Your current monthly traffic and revenue - networks have minimum requirements
  • How much management and optimization help would benefit your site?
  • Whether you want access to additional ad formats like video or native ads
  • Your content quality, traffic source diversity, and growth potential

After switching networks, my client's traffic remained steady but their monthly revenue shot up over 300%. The higher-quality ads and account management from a top-tier network provided them access to the untapped potential their site and audience had all along. Their readers were also happier with more relevant, less intrusive ads.

The lesson here is if your goal is substantially increasing ad revenue and earnings over the long run, upgrading to a premium ad network is one of the smartest investments you can make. You'll get the technology, support, and optimization expertise needed to make the most of your site and turn your audience into a real revenue stream. While Google AdSense is easy, real revenue growth often requires dedicated management and access to next-level monetization tools.


  • Use AdSense if you have a brand-new website
  • Use Ezoic if you have 10,000 monthly visitors
  • Use Mediavine if you have 50,000/m sessions
  • Use AdThrive if you have 100,000/m pageviews