How to Upload a Large File to ChatGPT

How to Upload a Large File to ChatGPT? ChatGPT Plus recently launched "ChatGPT Code Interpreter", which can upload file documents for analysis. However, for documents containing large amounts of content, like PDF files or thesis papers, it still cannot adequately summarize them. In addition, free users do not have access to this feature.

I want to share with you a useful Chrome extension: "ChatGPT File Uploader Extended", which allows free users of ChatGPT to also upload files during conversations for conversational analysis. And for large and long documents, it can automatically segment and memorize them in an effective way and finally summarize them.

ChatGPT File Uploader Extended: A Nice Tool to Upload Large Files

Even better, "ChatGPT File Uploader Extended" does not use OpenAI's API, but uses the general ChatGPT interface that ordinary users can also use. Its method is to automatically input prompts and content for us, automatically running the segmentation processing process. This means that for most general users, it can be easily used without any operational difficulty.

How to Upload a Large File to ChatGPT
It supports uploading and analyzing many types of files, including TXT, JS, PY, HTML, CSS, JSON, CSV, MD, TS, TSX, and JSX to large files like PDF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, and ZIP. It can support Chinese and English analysis for all of the above, and can even upload image files for analysis (though image OCR only supports English).

For ZIP-compressed files, it can automatically decompress and analyze the multiple files inside and finally summarize them.

It works by automatically copying the content of the files, automatically segmenting into 2000-character segments (it will automatically split files, no need to do it manually), and then gradually uploading to ChatGPT for processing.

How to Use ChatGPT File Uploader Extended for Large Files

Easy peasy, Japanesey! All we need is some prompts:

Let's begin a new round of discussion. This is the entire document. Please analyze the contents of the document step by step and provide me with a brief summary in traditional Chinese. Then wait for me to ask some questions.

I will give you a split file. Please wait until I send the complete context of the file. When I send the last part of the file with the text [LAST_PART], I will notify you. Otherwise, reply with [CONTINUE], but make sure you understand that there are more parts to the file. I will let you know how many parts there are in total. Therefore, please wait until I am finished and do not generate any new responses other than [CONTINUE].

This is the last part of the file. So, please analyze it step by step in traditional Chinese and provide me with a brief summary of the document, and wait for me to ask some questions.

After a while, the AI chatbot will generate a summary of the document.

You can now ask questions, and ChatGPT will answer from the uploaded document.