Increase Revenue Using AdSense Shopping Links

For content sites and blogs looking to monetize product mentions within their content, Google AdSense Shopping Links is an easy solution. Shopping Links automatically convert existing product references and mentions in your content into shopping ad links. When a reader clicks one of these links, they will see sponsored shopping ads for that product from stores across the web.

The key steps to enable Shopping Links are:

  • Ensure your site has been approved for the AdSense program and you have ads implemented.
  • Go to AdSense "Optimization" and select "Labs" from the left menu.
  • Toggle on "AdSense Shopping Links" to enable the feature.
  • Google will now detect product mentions in your content and turn selected names/references into shopping links.

The benefits of Shopping Links are:

  • Monetize existing product mentions in your content with zero additional effort.
  • Provides a better user experience by linking naturally to shopping results for mentioned products.
  • Has minimal impact on page layout and design. Links appear as you have the content formatted currently.
  • Works in all countries where Shopping Ads are available. Currently includes US, UK, Germany, France, and Japan.
  • Easy to disable at any time if you prefer not to have shopping links in some or all content.
  • Additional way to diversify your revenue and earn from different types of AdSense ad units.

One client earned over $500 extra per month just from enabling Shopping Links sitewide. With no impact on traffic or reader experience, it provided an easy revenue boost from content they had already created.

The lesson here is that small optimizations to your content and ad setup can sometimes have a big impact. While the earnings from Shopping Links will depend on your content and traffic, for many sites it provides an opportunity for incremental revenue with virtually zero additional effort required. And if at any point the links seem intrusive or not a good fit, you can quickly turn the feature off.

For new websites just getting started with AdSense, enabling features like Shopping Links is an easy way to start optimizing your earnings and diversifying how you monetize traffic. Over time, testing different ad types and placements is key to maximizing your revenue per user.