Influencer Assessment Cheat Sheet

Before reaching out, run through this checklist to determine if an influencer is a good fit:

  • Are they an ideal customer who would benefit from your product? Matching your target audience increases likelihood of an authentic review.
  • Check engagement by looking at their comment volume, not just followers and likes which can be misleading. Low comments indicate an inflated audience.
  • Do they share personal experiences and real product reviews? Influencers just promoting themselves or posting quotes are less likely to share.
  • Does their follower count fall in the ideal 10k-100k range? This size tends to be more responsive and affordable for initial outreach.

Influencer Outreach Checklist

Criteria Notes Check
Ideal customer? Match target audience for authentic review
Engagement level Check comments not just followers/likes
Personal content? Shares real experiences and reviews
Follower count 10k-100k range ideal for outreach
Genuine interest? Looks for authenticity indicators

My story

I want to share a few experiences I've had reaching out to influencers for my business. I've learned to follow a checklist to find the right fit.

For example, there was this one lifestyle influencer named Amanda with around 20k followers. On paper she looked perfect - right age, interests, and audience. But when I checked her engagement, her gorgeous photos got thousands of likes but almost no comments. Seemed fishy. Sure enough, after I sent her a free product, she never posted about it. Total dud.

On the flip side, I connected with Mark, a fitness influencer with 30k really engaged followers. He posts amazingly personal content about his workouts and daily nutrition. I could tell he only shares stuff he really uses and believes in. When I sent him a protein powder, he was psyched! He posted a full video review and sales spiked that day.

Moral is, don't just look at follower count. Make sure to check their comment engagement. And find influencers who keep it real with personal reviews. That's been the recipe for success for me! Let me know if you have any other questions!