Is the Incognito Mode Safe? No!

I'm sure many of you have used the private browsing mode. Can you really hide yourself using private browsing? Is private browsing truly private?

So, I recommend you try out this website:

This project is conceptual proof that any website can identify and track you, even if you use private browsing or anonymous mode in your web browser. Many people believe that by using private browsing or anonymous mode, they can hide their identity. This project aims to prove them wrong.

How to use:

  • Open the website and enter your ID.
  • Click "See the magic."
  • Then, open the same website using private browsing mode.

You will notice that the website is able to identify your ID.

Project address:

In fact, the underlying principle of this project is device fingerprinting.

Is the Incognito Mode Safe? No! Device fingerprint