[Solved]Manage All WP Multisite Pending Comments in One Place

Suppose you won a bunch of WordPress websites, with the comments function turned on, what will be the main concern that triggers you to turn that function off? - Spams.

"Small Website Owners" might have met an embarrassing scenario: logging in to WP websites for different sites before looking at comments. Approving, deleting, or marking comments spread across websites. 

Search for the term and you'll find a Stack overflow post that says a WP plugin called "mu-manage-comments" may help. Oops, it's been years since the last update, which means it's unsafe to be installed on your website, nor will it be fully functional.

mu-manage-comments-plugin is closed
The latest update is 12 years ago. That plugin is an OG.

So what else can we do, any alternative plugin that enables us to manage all comments on one dashboard?

Check this out:

ManageWP Worker

All of your comments are in one place, available for you on one screen. This way you can approve or send to spam any comment in seconds.

ManageWP Worker