Should A New WordPress Website Buy Backlinks?

Recently, one of my clients started an e-commerce company with the goal of creating 1,000 different niche websites each year.

Since September, we have only managed to create 62 websites (due to delays in hiring copywriters), accumulating a total of 1,160 external backlinks and 527 internal articles.

website statistics

After consideration, I estimate that we will directly initiate VA+HR experimentation to rapidly scale our websites.

How effective are external backlinks when the website has no keyword rankings?

To be honest, not very effective! If the website initially has mediocre keyword rankings, it is difficult for external backlinks to have a significant impact!

This picture also confirmed that our early extensive approach was less effective.

website evolution

As a brand new site, with an average ranking beyond 50, the impact of external backlinks is not significant. However, if the overall ranking is already within the top 50, the effect of building external backlinks becomes more noticeable.

When referring to average rankings, I suggest everyone look into the Google Search Console (GSC). Of course, this is only meaningful when there is a considerable number of keywords. If you only have a few keywords, the average ranking may not hold much significance.

In order of priority:

Address the quantity of keywords.

Check the average ranking of keywords.

Build external backlinks if the overall ranking is below 50.

After conducting tests, we have found that the use of external backlinks is much more effective for sites with an average ranking below 50 and normal keyword indexing. Combined with some frequency adjustments, low-competition keywords can quickly reach the first page.

more effective for sites with an average ranking below 50

One of our sites, in just over two months, is now generating 3-4 orders per month with an average order value of over $40.

This site was built solely using backlinks, so sometimes the data may not be as important as the timing of their use.

Some may question whether backlinks are suitable only for low KD (Keyword Difficulty) keywords.

How to get more keyword indexing?

If your pages are not ranking for keywords, there is a high probability that the content does not meet the requirements of search engines.

Here are some solutions:

Check if the target keywords have search volume.

Verify if the pages are properly indexed.

Check the frequency of exporting and importing links on the website.

Ensure that the page content meets the needs of searchers.

Check if the heading tags (H-tags) have a clear structure.

Increase the crawl rate for search engine bots.

Examine user intention on the SERP.

If, despite these checks, your pages are still not ranking, then you may need to use to investigate the website's history. I once purchased a domain that refused to get indexed, and later I discovered that the domain had previously hosted adult content, rendering it useless.

Should A New WordPress Website Buy Backlinks? Optimization techniques.

If keyword indexing is not normal, focus on improving the content itself and enhancing its quality.

If pages are not properly indexed, you can internally link to blog articles with normal keyword indexing or obtain external backlinks from frequently crawled sources like Blogspot or Medium. If these methods fail, you can try using Google Ping or run Google Ads.

Increase information content to improve the probability of keyword output and enhance topic authority.

Optimize Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness (EEAT) to boost website trustworthiness.

Once keyword output becomes normal and the average ranking is within the top 50, start building external backlinks.

Many of our websites are still on the second or third page, so we can't add too many external backlinks all at once. We have to wait for some time and gradually build them. During this period, we will continue to add content to websites that are performing well.

Attached are the previous statistics from Ahrefs.

previous statistics from Ahrefs
previous statistics from Ahrefs

For completely new websites, unless there is very low competition in the industry, sometimes ranking takes time. That's why I encouraged the team to focus on creating a large number of websites.