[Salience Score]How to Rank Your Site With Poor Content

How can you leverage salience scores to improve your on-page SEO?

Google relies heavily on machine learning algorithms to understand written content. These algorithms identify key entities within the text and assign them salience scores.

[Salience Score]How to Rank Your Site With Poor Content

The higher an entity's salience score, the more likely Google thinks it is a main subject of the content. This has big implications for on-page optimization.

Even if your content is poorly written, you can still rank well by strategically increasing the salience score of your target keyword. Here's how it works:

How To Improve the Salience of Your Target Keyword?

  • Move your keyword closer to the beginning of sentences and paragraphs. This signals to Google that the content is specifically about that keyword.
  • Ask ChatGPT to rewrite your content to boost the salience of your target keyword. Simply provide the prompt, passage, and keyword. ChatGPT will rewrite it with improved keyword salience.
  • Verify the increased salience score using Google's Natural Language API demo. Paste your original text and rewritten text to compare scores.
  • If done correctly, the new passage should have a higher salience score for your target keyword or main entity.

The beauty is this can be done without changing meaning or value for users. You're simply highlighting key topics for Google's algorithms.

So next time you optimize a page, don't just focus on keyword density. Take it a step further by strategically improving keyword salience as well. It could be the difference between ranking or not!

ChatGPT Prompts to Improve Salience Score

If you use ChatGPT, here's a simple prompt that works great:

Rewrite the following passage to improve the salience score of [your keyword]. Keep the same meaning and information. [your passage]


Subtly rewrite the following sentence so that "[insert keyword here]" has the highest NLP salience score. Make the sentence structure simple with few dependency hops. Sentence: [insert sentence here]

You can even paste an entire article in as your passage and it should still work.

How to Increase Salience Score Using Google’s Natural Language API

First, go to 🔗https://cloud.google.com/natural-language

Paste in the first version of your text (before improving the salience score of your target keyword).

Note the salience scores for the entities within your text. Here's an example of what it'll look like:

Entity salience score

Next, paste in the text with the improved salience.

The score for your keyword (or at least the main entity within your keyword) should be higher, like in the example below.

higher salience score with improved keywords position

With higher keyword salience, you can expect improved rankings for that keyword, all else being equal.

Here is another example:

Main keyword: “cushion shoes”

Original sentence:

 When running on pavement, it's important to have responsive cushion shoes.

Google thinks the most important word in this sentence is “pavement”

salience scroe of the keyword - cushion shoes

Here's a better sentence where I moved the main keyword closer to the beginning:

"Having responsive cushion shoes is important when running on pavement."
a sentence with a better salience score

As you can see, the salience score almost doubled. Let’s tweak it more to bump up the salience even higher.

An even better sentence that removes the first word creating fewer dependency hops:

"Responsive cushion shoes are important for running on pavement."
Even better sentence

Now Google has more confidence to identify "cushion shoes" as a consumer good 🙌

The more confident Google is in how it interprets the meaning of a word, the more likely the page will rank higher for it.

Repeat this process with the remaining sentences that contain your main keyword.

The more you do this, you'll notice a pattern in how you should write sentences to increase the salience or importance of your article's main keywords and entities. Eventually you won't need to use the NLP demo tool every time 👍