Tackling WordPress Missing H1 – Bad for SEO

Google uses H tags to understand the structure of the text on a page better. If your page does not have the <h1> tag, you're missing the opportunity to tell search engines more about the content on your page. Besides, the <h1> tag serves as a headline on nearly every web page these days (and not the <title> tag).

A Sinatra theme user just met the problem.

What's the problem?

Hi! I love the Sinatra theme but when using the “Your latest posts” as my homepage, there isn’t an option to add an H1 header. And since every page should have an H1 for SEO, can you please help me in adding an H1 to my homepage. Thanks!

The page I need help with: https://disneymouseketeer.com/

Sinatra theme lacks H1

The problem is reproduced as above.

Code to solve "Sinatra theme lacks H1"

Since the rest of the pages on this website has Heading 1, the only problem exists on the homepage.

So one possible way is to add an H1 inside <div class="si-hero-container si-container"> and then use CSS to style it in order to keep the original design. Something like this:

adding H1
<div class="si-hero-container si-container"><h1>Welcome to Disneymouseketeer!</h1>

And besides that, we can see that on the page, H3 comes before H2, which is not a good sign. I'd preferably change those H3 into H2.