How to Start Earning Money as a Creator on TikTok Shop

In this tutorial, I'll teach you how to open a Titktok shop as an influencer and generate sales.

Why to join

TikTok Shop is a one-stop e-commerce solution for driving brand growth and sales directly on TikTok. It brings together brands, merchants and creators and connects them with their communities on TikTok.

It allows creators like you to showcase your favorite products. When you join, you will be able to share shoppable videos with viewers and earn commissions with TikTok Shop. For example, if sales amount is $100, at 20% commission rate, then you will earn $20. More sales, more earnings!

Who can join

To be eligible to promote products and earn commissions from merchants, you need to meet the following criteria:

  1. 5,000+ followers
  2. 18+ years old

How to participate

1. Create a commission account

a)Trigger account opening

Go to [Profile]--->Click on 【三】 button ---> [Creator tools]--->[TikTok Shop for Creator]

Trigger account opening

b) Submit account information

Please fill in truthfully

If creator is a non-taxable person, then choose the non-taxable, and the tax information will not need to be filled in.If you fill in some wrong information, it can be modified on the commission page.

c) Confirm the account information

Please make sure that the name you used is the same as the name of your bank account!

d) Add tax info

Fill in your tax information (non-taxable creator is not required).

e) Wait for the review result

After review passes, you can start to promote goods!

process of an account under approval

2. Add products to showcase

Go to [Profile]---> Click on【=】button--->[Creator tools]---> [TikTok Shop for Creator] again. Add products by invitation

Check your 'Direct invites' in the notification center. You can see the seller's invitation to promote their certain products. Add the products you are interested in.

adding products

Then, your profile page will see the products under the shopping bag icon which is also called as showcase.

shopping bag icon

Add products by searching from product marketplace

Use the search bar to look for specific products, categories, or brands that match your interest,and then add the products to your showcase.

Add products by searching from product marketplace

3. Link products to your short videos

Before you publish your videos, click Add link, and click Product. This will pull up all the products in your Product Showcase. Select the product you want to promote.

Link products to your short videos

4. Start generating sales

After you post the video, you will see a shopping cart icon at the bottom, where the users can click on directly when watching your videos and make a purchase within the TikTok app.

Start generating sales

You can review the sales data in your TikTok Shop Creator Center

review the sales data