Why Are There So Many Indian Tech Youtubers?

"Why are there so many Indian tech YouTubers?" You might ask yourself after searching for some content like I did while looking for micro-influencers on youtube.

So Why Is YouTube Full of Indians?

Well, that question first appeared on Quora and an answer says:

Because there is no geoblocking of Indian content in the West. Its easy to do, YouTube can just block all content originating from India in recommendations and search results, unless you specifically search for that video or channel.

But YouTube wont do it. I guess the US wants us to get used to India for some reason… in the past 10 years the US media has been all about Indian CEO’s Indian doctors, Indian actresses, Spicy food, vegetarian food, etc. etc. Everything India, India, India. Tired of it.

Dan Ahmed
  • Population size: India is the second most populous country in the world, with a population of over 1.3 billion people as of my last training date in 2021. This large population size naturally translates into a significant user base for online platforms such as YouTube.
  • Internet access: Over the past decade, India has seen a huge increase in internet penetration due to affordable mobile data plans, which has led to an increase in digital content consumption, including YouTube.
  • Diverse content: India is a diverse country with many languages and cultures. YouTube provides a platform for creators to create content in various Indian languages, thereby catering to a wide audience.
  • Digital literacy: With the push towards digital literacy in India, more people are becoming familiar with internet usage and platforms like YouTube.
  • Mobile-first users: Many users in India access the internet primarily through their smartphones. YouTube's mobile-friendly platform makes it a popular choice.
  • Education and entertainment: YouTube is a major source of both educational content (like tutorials, and online classes) and entertainment (like movies, music, and web series) in India.
  • YouTube's investment in India: YouTube has recognized the potential of the Indian market and has made significant investments in nurturing creators, providing resources, and promoting content discovery in the region.
  • The emergence of digital careers: With the rise of the digital economy, many individuals in India are pursuing careers as YouTube creators, influencers, and digital marketers.

According to the latest statistics, India has the largest YouTube user population, with 467 million active users. This is approximately 16% of the total population¹³. The number of YouTube users in India is forecasted to continuously increase between 2023 and 2028 by in total 252.2 million users (+43.92 percent). According to this forecast in 2028, the YouTube user base will have increased for the fifth consecutive year to 826.44 million users².

With the rise of the digital economy, many individuals in India are pursuing careers as YouTube creators, influencers, and digital marketers. The Indian influencer marketing industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 25% to reach ₹2,200 crore by 2025 ($276M).

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How Do I Block All Indian Content From Youtube?

No offense but sometimes people do need to block youtube content from a specific area.

Is there a way to filter out Indian content on YouTube.
Why are there so many Indian Tech Youtubers

Are you tired of searching for stuff and all the results being Indian? The titles are in English but when you click them you get "Namaskar Dosto" and the rest of the video is in Hindi. Follow these steps to block them.

Total Time: 10 minutes

Delete the Entire Viewing History

Delete the entire viewing history, set the location to the USA, and watch some English videos. Or you can create a separate YouTube account just for the content you want to follow, without all the recommendations.

Use the “Not interested” Button

Your Youtube feed mainly depends on the videos you watch. You can see the Channel's name and decide whether it will be in Hindi or not.

When you see a video that you don't want to see, click on the "Not interested" button. This will tell YouTube that you don't want to see videos from that channel or that are similar to that video.

Use the “Settings” Page

Use the "Settings" page to customize your YouTube experience. Under the "General" tab, you can choose to "Hide videos from channels you don't subscribe to." This will hide videos from channels that you don't subscribe to, regardless of where they are from.

Use the “Advanced” tab

Use the "Advanced" tab to block specific keywords or phrases. This will block videos that contain those keywords or phrases, regardless of where they are from.

Use “Channel Blocker”

block channels you don't like

This Chrome extension allows you to block YouTube™ videos and comments by blacklisting users and/or by using regular expressions. It is able to block separate videos, users, or whole channels with only one click!


  • chrome extension


  • chrome web browser

The chrome extension will be ideal. I found this review:

So far, this works exactly as I wanted it to. I was getting SO SICK!!!! of stupid spammy accounts showing up REPEATEDLY in my front page and in search results that had NOTHING to do with what I was searching. Not sure what these guys paid Youtube to basically insert themselves into every "Recommended" option Youtube offers. Accidentally click on one video and you will be haunted for years to come. And clicking "Do Not Recommend" never works, especially in searching. I open this add-on and type in the name of the channel I want to block. Viola. Channel gone!!! I had about 7 of the "Movie Recap" channels that rotate through my recommended feed. Now, I no longer see their garbage content. It SUPER improves my experience. Overall, pretty happy with a feature that Youtube should have included on their platform years ago.

Jason SmithJun 30, 2023