WordPress How to Globally Edit Hyperlink Font

WordPress is a large ecosystem. It's a bit strange for newcomers to learn, especially when Elementor, themes, and plugins are messed together. A WordPress user has become a victim of alienation. Let me help him.

What's the problem?

I am super new to wordpress and webpages in general. I’ve tried searching and following a few processes. I am at my wits end. I feel like I am missing something foundational in terms of how the themes and plugins are layered and interact as there seems to be so many places to change the same thing. And at other times I can’t seem to find how to change something that seems like it should be trival.

Here are two examples of a problem I am having.

All of my site's hyperlink fonts are different and I can't find where to change them. I went to appearance, but do not have site editor option. Instead, I have customize. When I go into there I see typography. I can see all of the different fonts I set for various elements, but nothing for links. I did see an element for html and tried setting it for that, but it did not update. Here's an example where you can see the hyperlinks in the breadcrumbs and throughout the text is different. https://thewhiskeymap.com/whiskey-101/what-is-whiskey-made-of/

How do I update the appearance and layout of the search results page? Here is the search results page I am trying to edit. https://thewhiskeymap.com/?s=test

Thank you in advance for your time and any help.

hyperlinks in the breadcrumbs and throughout the text is different

The problem is reproduced as above.

Code to solve "How to Globally Edit Hyperlink Fontg Extra"

So I can see that the author is using Elementor editor on the site. What controls the style of the hyperlinks are these rules from Elementor:

rules controlling the style

The author can customize the CSS to overwrite the default Elementor CSS.

How to add additional CSS?

First, go to click on the "Customize" button in WordPress.

go to customize

Then click on "add additional CSS"

Add additional css

There you can add the code.

Copy the above code and paste it into the "Additional CSS" field and Don't forget to Publish!

publish new css

Please note that modifying the code requires caution. Always make a backup of your theme and site before making changes. The best way to check them is by testing them on the staging site(s) and if you have a third-party plugin, consider plugin conflicts as well.