How to Write Awesome Content (Even in a Boring Niche)

No matter your website's niche, writing about the latest trending topics is an effective strategy to boost rankings, traffic, shares, and engagement. When a new trend hits - like ChatGPT recently - it's important to quickly determine how to provide value by covering that trend in your niche.

For example, with a client in the pet industry, we worked to publish content on ChatGPT and AI tailored for dog and cat owners within a week of the trend emerging. We wrote about how AI could help improve communication and training for pets. These pieces ended up driving a surge of traffic as interest in ChatGPT peaked.

Here are some tips for leveraging trending topics in your content:

  • Monitor trending searches, news, and social media frequently to spot emerging topics early
  • Determine how to provide unique value by covering the trend in your industry or niche
  • Publish content on the trending topic as quickly as possible before interest starts to fade
  • Include the trending term prominently in your headline, content, and meta description
  • Promote your content on social media using the trending hashtag to boost shares and links
  • Keep your content balanced and avoid clickbait
  • Trends are temporary - monitor performance and make sure to create evergreen content as well
  • Repurpose or update older evergreen content to also mention the trending topic and boost traffic

No matter your niche, trending topics provide an opportunity to capture new interest and earn more search traffic and social media buzz. With ChatGPT, my client earned over 10,000 new visitors within a month by quickly publishing tailored, valuable content for their pet owner audience on this emerging AI technology.

The lesson is to stay on the pulse of trends and figure out how to thoughtfully include them in your content strategy. When done right, writing about trending topics can drive real results and new exposure for your business. But don't forget your evergreen content - trends come and go, but high-quality educational and informational content will always be in demand.

Some examples are,

Dog Niche: You can write about how ChatGPT can help dog owners communicate better with pets. You can also write about how artificial intelligence is being used in dog training and behavior modification.

Cat Niche: For cat owners, you can write about how ChatGPT can help them communicate better with cats. You can also write about how AI cat toys and interactive cat games are becoming more popular.

Finance Niche: You can write about how ChatGPT is being used to automate customer service and support in financial institutions. Also, write about how AI financial advisors are becoming more common.

Technology Niche: Write about how ChatGPT is changing the way we interact with machines and devices. You can also write about the latest developments in AI research and how ChatGPT fits into that.

Fish Niche: Write about how ChatGPT can be used to monitor water quality and automate fish feeding. Also, write about developments in aquaculture and how AI is being used to improve fish farming.